The Cast

Catriona (Cat) Tipene - Helena

Cat is 7th form at Freyberg High School.  Listed, in no particular order, are things she does - if she feels like it.  They are baking, op-shopping and spending time with her pets.  Cat also enjoys reading good books, because life is too short to read bad books.  She loves theatre and acting, and so it seemed like a neat idea to get involved in this year's Summer Shakespeare.  And by golly, it was!  She is having a bowl full of fun.  Her Mum found the advert in the paper, so a big ups to her.

Catriona Tipene

Sean Sexton - Bertram

Sean grew up in Taranaki and moved to the Manawatu to attend UCOL.  After studying Sports Science for three years he realised he had been kidding himself and decided to follow his true passion......... the Performing Arts!  He is an enthusiastic entertainer and intends to continue in this industry.

Sean Sexton

Penni Bousfield - Countess

Penni is a great fan of the special atmosphere of outdoor Shakespeare.  She is looking forward to performing alongside many of her students and graduates from UCOL's Performing Arts programme.  She graduated from Toi Whakaari in 2004 with a Masters in Directing and has performed throughout NZ as a professional singer, in comedy shows and in several Shakespeares - leading to a ridiculous ambition to direct or act in every one of his 38 plays.  All's Well is her 12th, so she's nearly a third of the way there (but gearing up to playing only old ladies before too long!)

Penni Bousfield

Brendon Kinch - Parolles

Brendon Kinch is a student at UCOL studying performing arts.  His interests are music, films, history and other cultures.  This is his second play, his first was Wonderland, a devised play of Alice in Wonderland.  Brendon has been acting since July 2008, so all of this is very new to him after a brief stint as a diesel mechanic.  He saw his first play about the same time he started UCOL.  He is involved in Summer Shakespeare because he enjoys the atmosphere of creative minds and is keen to succeed.  The challenge of theatre is one that makes him want to get up in the morning and enjoy life.

Brendon Kinch

Hannah Pratt - Clown

Hannah is currently working full time as the Student City Coordinator, a role she very much enjoys, getting her amongst the awesome scenes of Palmerston North sports, arts and music.  Theatre shares top spot for her passion of choice co-sharing that spot with being a hockey goalie over winter.  This is her third outing in Summer Shakespeare.  The Shakespeare project has always proven a fun experience which satisfies a need to be dramatic while making new friends and having a summer hobby.  She'd like to say a special thank you to Yinface for being an inspiration during this show.

Hannah Pratt

Mark Kilsby - Lafeu

This is the 4th Summer Shakespeare Mark has played in, along with performing in two Festival of New Arts plays.  Mark has also appeared in many other plays in Palmerston North, and he had a cameo role in the very popular New Zealand film Second Hand Wedding.  He tries to keep fit, working out at the gym (phew), and his favourite colour is yellow.

Mark Kilsby

Meg Andrews - Diana

20 year old Meg Andrews enjoys nothing more than the wonder of theatre.  Her passion for the stage began at an early age.  She has a bit of an obsession with Shakespeare and has been in Othello (Serving Wench) and Pericles (Marina).  Along with being a Shakespeareaness, she loves to belt out songs and break out her special dance moves.  Meg has had Performing Arts training at UCOL, and is also involved in a lot of local theatre including, recently, High School Musical, Joyful and Triumphant, Outside Edge and the One Act Play Festivals.


Nic Broomfield - King of France

Nic is a "Flexible Learning Designer" in Massey's Institute of Molecular Bioscience.  He has been married to Anne for eighteen years with no offspring.  His interests include guitar music, genealogy and Mac computers.  Nic was in Massey's Drama Society 1977-84, and for twelve years was a regular performer at the P.N. Folk Club.  He joined the 1996, and the subsequent five, Scout and Guide Gangshows.  Since 2005, he has appeared in five productions by the Feilding Little Theatre Society.  This year he fulfilled his ambition to be involved in Summer Shakespeare.  Nic is probably distantly related to, but regrettably not, documentary director Nick Broomfield.

Nic Broomfield

Jacquie McKenzie - Steward

A proud member of NZ Actors Equity, Jacquie McKenzie has been involved in just about every production around Palmerston North.  All's Well That Ends Well is no exception.

Jacquie McKenzie

Phil White - Lord

Phil recently moved back to Palmerston North after 3 years in Wanganui.  AWTEW is his first attempt at a Shakespearean play, having performed in over a dozen other comedies and dramas in Marton and Wanganui.  He hopes you enjoy the show, and would like to thank his wonderful children Jade, Flynn and Krissy for their support, Peter and the cast for an awesome experience.

Phil White

Mikayla (Kayla) Morgan - Mariana

Kayla is a UCOL performing arts student.  She is a creatively, outrageously, spontaneously, courageously, crazy, fun young woman who loves everything to do with summer.  She has played soccer for twelve years, wants nothing more than to become a film actress and has joined Summer Shakespeare to get herself noticed in the acting industry and is also fond of Shakespeare's plays.  Mikayla has played The Mad Hatter in Wonderland for UCOL in 2008 and is now playing Mariana in Shakespeare's play All's Well That Ends Well.  To be honest Mikayla is a great person who just simply can not be summed up in under one hundred words.


Stephen Hood - Duke of Florence

When he's not working at Palmy's public library or eschewing all human contact while at home, Stephen likes to indulge in some drama, fortunately of the on-stage variety.  He's been involved in the last three Summer Shakespeare productions as well as 2008's Manawatu Festival of New Arts, where he had the opportunity to memorize pages worth of lines while performing in Janitor.  Part of his involvement in All's Well That Ends Well has been putting together the website you're currently looking at!

Stephen Hood

Sapphire Park - Chorus of Lovelies

Sapphire Park is a Year 11 student at PNGHS.  At school she is a keen drama student.  She also loves dancing and takes regular ballet and modern jazz classes.  Dancing has led her to participating in the 2006 production, In the Shadow of the Messiah and the PNGHS Stage Challenge for 2008.  She has also choreographed and performed many dances for Oneway, her church dance group.  Sapphire got involved as part of the chorus in Summer Shakespeare as an opportunity for more drama experience and of course to have fun!  She loves the awesome cast and crew.  The highlight of Summer Shakespeare so far has been "throwing star sequins on Sam from the lighting room and, of course, running back and forth between the self-opening doors at Massey!"

Sapphire Park

Tristram Domican - Soldier

Tristram is a student at Massey University doing a Communications degree.  He has been part of the Massey University Drama Society (MUDS) for close to two years and has performed in many of their productions: Mort, Revolting Rhymes and Bang Bang You're Dead?  He was involved in this year's Festival of New Arts, reading poetry and taking a couple of roles in plays as well as performing in Romeo and Juliet in last year's Summer Shakespeare.

Tristram Domican

Stasha Bakker - Chorus of Lovelies

Stasha is a student at Freyberg.  She'd be the first person to admit she's a geek, and proud of it!  She loves reading, writing, roller skating, maths, science, and most of all, Shakespeare, which is kinda the reason she got mixed up with these mad people in the first place.  She's been involved in quite a few drama-esque activities over the years, usually as part of the background.  So, gasp, what a surprise she's in the chorus!  Her favourite colours are purple and red and she was a small cat of unknown denomination in a previous life.

Stasha Bakker

Jared Stevens - Young Lord

Jared Stevens is a year 10 student at Freyberg High School who enjoys Drama/Theatre, Sports and Biking.  His future ambitions include travelling to Japan (after learning the language), acting in movies/T.V. Series, graduating High School and further travelling to numerous places around the world.

Jared Stevens

Lise Bakker - Chorus of Lovelies

Lise is a Year 10 student at Freyberg High School, and immensely proud of it.  She's extremely interested in reading, writing, sleeping, drawing, and she really can't be bothered listing all the million and one things she's interested in.  Her theatrical history is pretty much empty, just a school production or two, and last year she played Macbeth in an incredibly shortened and hilarously funny version, and is still not sure how she got the part.  She got interested in Summer Shakespeare because of this production, and is very happy with the part she has.  She also really enjoys talking about herself in the third person.  She is never fully satisfied unless she is 10 metres up a tree, or playing an instrument, reading, doing something medical/funny or writing.  Unfortunately she hasn't tried to do them all at the same time yet... though that is a thought...  See you lot up a tree!

Lise Bakker

Sarah Carswell - Chorus of Lovelies

Sarah is a student at Girls High.  Her interests are: Maths (yes, she is that cool), hanging out with friends, sewing, everything about the Tudors, sleeping...  Her theatrical history is limited... just school productions, but she has got involved in Summer Shakespeare because she loves the time period and Shakespeare's work, and this is a good chance to learn heaps and have lots of fun!  Her quirk: She's a qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Diver (She's been 16m underwater on the Great Barrier Reef in Aussie) and plays water polo (or at least she will very soon).


Caliope Tulett - Chorus of Lovelies

Caliope is 7th Form at Freyberg High School!  She LOVES DRAMA, family, friends, little babies/kids, making videos, reading, movies/old tv shows, laughing/being LOUD, and using exclamation marks!!!  She's taken drama for 4 years, Stage Challenge for 4 years and this year she is co-producer, student leader of Theatresports at her school for a year, and she did the 2009 Centrepoint drama school!!!  She got involved with Summer Shakespeare because Shakespeare has wickedly awesome plays which are fun to act out and she loves acting!!!  Summer Shakespeare has been fun at EVERY rehearsal and her favourite part of Summer Shakespeare was throwing stars on Sam from the lighting room and teasing Jared-ette when Peter called him a girl!!!!!

Caliope Tulett

Rosie Anderson - Chorus of Lovelies

Rosie (likes to spell her name Rozee but it's not catching on) is a student at Palmerston North Girls' High School.  Her favourite subject is drama...  She also has no idea how to write a bio...  Anyway, she loves singing and has sung at competitions, concerts and gained Grade 2 Singing with Distinction and first in the Manawatu for the Restricted section a few years back.  This is her first Summer Shakespeare and she is enjoying it lots.  She has also enjoyed writing about herself in the third person.

Rosie Anderson

Jono Rushworth - Soldier


Jono Rushworth

Mikaela Cowx - Chorus of Lovelies


Mikaela Cowx

Marque Duckmanton - Young Lord


Marque Duckmanton