Photos either taken during rehearsals for All's Well That Ends Well,
or associated with the play in some other manner.

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In the Early Days of Rehearsals
On Your Bike! (February 2nd)
Workshop at PN Girls' High School (February 10th)
First Rehearsal in the Esplanade (February 25th)
Three Days Until Opening Night! (March 2nd)

Previous Years' Productions

In the Early Days of Rehearsals

The cast The Director The Countess and Helena Helena, Parolles and the Clown

In the red corner we have... the cast!

And in the blue corner we have - The Director.

Well it is mostly a comedy... The Countess consoles Helena.

The Clown with two homies - so which one's the Clown again?

The Director, Helena, the King and Bertram The Assistant Director Parolles Lovelies

The Director showing them who's boss.

And if the cast don't behave, the Assistant Director may have to adjudicate...

Run and hide, it's the Devil!  Whoops, no - just Parolles.

Some Lovelies being lovely.  Or something.

Lovelies, again! A Soldier, Parolles and a Lord A Lord, the Director, Parolles and a Soldier Parolles and the Director

The Lovelies possess many sides - this is their "smiling and making peace signs" one.

Romeo and Juliet's Montague Boys live on, sort of.

No one told the Director and Soldier to keep still for the camera!

The Director advising Parolles on how to be more Parolles-like.

On Your Bike! (February 2nd)

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The cast on bikes The Director and a select few cast members on bikes The Duke and the King on bikes Helena on a trike

The cast and Director discovering the joys of fitness and the outdoors.

The Director's official line is "No, I don't have any favourites!"

"Who's the King, baby?" - the guy on the right.  The other guy's the Duke.

"No-one told me that Florence was so far away!" - Helena miscalculates her mode of transport.

Workshop at PN Girls' High School (February 10th)

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Parolles and Helena Parolles and Helena with the Director in the background Another one of Parolles and Helena with the Director in the background Helena with the Director in the background

Act 1 Scene 1: Helena moves fast to fend off Parolles' irresistable charms...

A stationary defensive posture is now taken.

"What?  Going so soon Parolles?"

Helena confides in the audience: "Surprise surprise - I don't actually like the guy!"

The Director not in the background! Parolles sharing the love Parolles and Helena sharing the love? The Director, Helena and Parolles about to share their dramatic expertise

One of these things is not like the others (and spot the Lovely to his left!)

No one is safe from Parolles' irresistable charms.

Suffice to say that Helena and Parolles aren't best friends.

Planning?  Scheming?  What's the difference...

The Director, Helena and Parolles sharing their dramatic expertise Parolles observing two PNGHS students The Director talking with two PNGHS students  

It's an awful job, but someone's got to do it.

Parolles hoping that he's not about to be replaced.

"A female Parolles?  Maybe next time..."


First Rehearsal in the Esplanade (February 25th)

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The Countess, Stage Manager and Producer Young Lords heading off to war The Countess The Director and cast

The play's shy, reclusive Producer consults the even more shy and reclusive Stage Manager.

Without exception, only the fine upstanding young men become involved in drama.

"Why couldn't I have a normal son like everyone else?" laments the Countess.

He-who-is-to-be-obeyed gives instructions which are to be obeyed.

Young Lords, Lovelies and Parolles Helena The King, his Attendant and Lords The King, his Attendant and Lords - Part 2

The cast waits with baited breath for further instruction.

Helena wondering why everything isn't going exactly the way she wants it to!!

When the King gets out of his wheelchair against doctors' orders, who exactly is going to stop him?

"I've decided all by myself that it's best for me to stay in the wheelchair" decrees the King.

Parolles Lovelies Lovelies once more  

Parolles has convinced himself of his own greatness, if no one else.

Obey the Wall of Lovelies, or incur their wrath!!!

The Lovelies taking a break from laying down the law.


Three Days Until Opening Night! (March 2nd)

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Parolles, the Clown, the Producer and the Steward The Clown Lovelies and the Director Lovelies

"What you doin', fool!" is what the white webmaster has decided this white hip-hopper is saying.

Methinks respect is being demanded...

...and now it's the Director's turn to show some Street Cred.

Sometimes you can see how the Lovelies got their name - enjoy it while it lasts!

Bertram, the Countess, Helena and Lafeu Bertram and the Countess Bertram, Lafeu, the Musical Director and Helena Helena and Parolles

The play begins - we know from its title that it ends well...

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do, son!" the Countess advises Bertram.

"Cheerio, Helena!" say the oblivious Bertram and Lafeu.

What has Parolles done to make Helena exclaim so?

The Producer, Parolles and Helena Tech Crew, Parolles and Helena Helena and Parolles Young Lords

Maybe Parolles just wasn't looking that closely...

Oh dear... who will set up the play's lighting if Parolles scares them away?

Yes, self-confidence is a good thing, but...

Did I hear someone say "eye candy"?

Parolles, Bertram, the King and his Attendant Lafeu and the King The Clown Helena, the King, Bertram and others

Bertram's sure to impress the King with his pal Parolles along for the ride!

Lafeu goes bezerk!  Is anyone safe??

The clown gets top marks for effort.

Helena's attempts to land a husband have hit a snag...

Even more Helena, the King, Bertram and others! The Train    

A Lovely holds up a "Boo" sign as the husband just refuses to be landed!

It all does end well, honest... meanwhile, here comes the train!



Previous Years' Productions

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Prospero and Miranda in The Tempest Panorama of The Tempest Caliban makes an appearance Some comic relief from The Tempest

Prospero and Miranda in The Tempest.

Panorama of The Tempest.

Caliban makes an appearance.

Some comic relief from The Tempest.

A Comedy of Errors in performance A Comedy of Errors musicians Unlikely lovers from Twelfth Night Panorama of Twelfth Night

A Comedy of Errors in performance.

A Comedy of Errors' musicians.

Unlikely lovers from Twelfth Night.

Panorama of Twelfth Night.

Twelfth Nights musicians Loves Labours Lost in performance Queen Gertrude, King Claudius and Hamlet The ghost of King Hamlet, and Hamlet

Twelfth Night's musicians.

Love's Labour's Lost in performance.

Queen Gertrude, King Claudius and Hamlet.

Hamlet learns some disturbing news from the ghost of his father, King Hamlet.

Queen Gertrude, King Claudius, guests and attendants Hamlet and King Claudius Queen Gertrude, Hamlet and King Claudius Juliet and Romeo

The wedding of King Claudius and Queen Gertrude in Hamlet.

Hamlet can't decide how to deal with things.

Queen Gertrude, Hamlet and King Claudius.

Romeo making a hasty getaway from Juliet's balcony in Romeo and Juliet.

Juliet Juliet and Romeo    

Juliet having just found Romeo lying dead next to her.

Romeo and Juliet - together in the end.